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Welcome to Ian’s Friday Puzzle! Dust off those Friday cobwebs with a little manipulation of the old grey matter. Perplexing puzzles, logical, illogical, and sometimes just plain stupid. Be prepared to be bewildered, befuddled and bedazzled!

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This week's Friday Puzzle

A farmer has 41 sheep.

His farm is surrounded by 8 fields.

There is a window in each side of the house from which he can see 3 fields.

How should the sheep be put in the fields so he can see exactly 15 sheep from each window?


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Friday Puzzle (10/05/2019)

Chris and Danny start at the same point.

They walk in opposite directions to each other for 3 metres,

then turn right and walk another 4 m.

How far apart are they now?

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Friday Puzzle (03/05/2019)

Noah watched 12 legs walk past him into the ark.

How many creatures could he have seen?

We want the complete range of possible answers.

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Friday Puzzle (26/04/2019)

A 10ticks book is published.

The pages are numbered 1, 2, 3…. etc.

When the page numbers where inspected it was noticed there were 555 digits used.

How many pages were in the book?

How many fives were used?

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Friday Puzzle (12/04/2019)

Which numbers, less than 100, are the product of exactly three different prime factors?

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Friday Puzzle (05/04/2019)

The electricity has gone out and Beth and Keith are getting dressed in the dark.


Beth has 6 yellow socks and 8 black socks in her drawer.

She wants two of the same colour.

How many will she have to take out to guarantee a matching pair?


Keith has 6 black socks, 8 blue socks and 4 green socks in his drawer.

He wants to wear socks that don’t match.

How many will he have to take out to guarantee that a pair that don’t match?

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Friday Puzzle (29/03/2019)

Keith and his sons William and Robbie have the same birthday.

Today Keith is 32, William is 4 and Robbie is 1.

How old will Keith be when his age is the sum of the ages of William and Robbie?

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Friday Puzzle (22/03/2019)

I have five whole numbers.

The mean of the numbers is 4, the median 3,

the mode is 1 and the range is 9.

What are my five numbers?

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Friday Puzzle (15/03/2019)

After a huge party there are 150 dishes to be washed by hand.

Chris says he can do it in 50 minutes.

Danny says he is slower and would take 1¼ hours.

As there are two sinks they decide to do it together.

How long will it take them and how many dishes each would they wash?

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Friday Puzzle (08/03/2019)

My combination lock has 4 dials, each dial has the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on it.

To open the lock, no number can be repeated in the 4 digit code.

How many different combinations are there to open the lock?

If all the different combinations were added up, what would be the total?

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